How to buy an investment property

Here’s a great video from Jane Slack-Smith over at He video goes for about 2 hours – but contains many great tips fro property investing in general.

Highly recommended!

See video at

Or directly at YouTube –


Mining Boom or Doom?

Nick Burke from Property 4 Profit held a great webinar tonight about the Mining Boom or Doom. Nick discusses some of the biggest questions on everyone’s lips.

  • Whether the mining boom is coming to abrupt end…and what it means for us investors
  • Where you can find the best and safest positive cashflow yields in today’s market
  • Where to get the highest yields…without risking your money in a ‘one-horse’ boom town
  • A simple 3-step checklist that tells you when to invest in a regional cashflow area with confidence
  • The best hotspot to invest with long-term safety & confidence
  • The ONLY place outside of resource industry areas you should consider investing in right now

Video duration: 49:07

PS Again, the last portion of Nick’s video is his sales push.



Property Investing in Moranbah – Pros and Cons

Here’s a great little video put together by Nick over at Property 4 Profit in April 2012, after the market turned in Feb/March, and after the Norwich Park mine closure in Dysart.

A lot of the video is still very applicable, with some great information on the size and number of mines around Moranbah. I have to admit, given what’s been going on there recently with BMA rental freezes, etc.. I am still very pro Moranbah.

PS. The second half of the video is more of a sales pitch for properties from Property 4 Profit – feel free to skip this section as needed.


Total duration: 25 minutes 38 seconds