How to get the address of a property when it is not listed

Hello all, following on from my previous article on “Secret tip: How to get unlisted property prices from”, I received a lot of positive feedback from people who now take advantage of that trick on a daily basis – saving them heaps of time. Just one small update on this handy tip, now also have their “Premium Properties” – and this trick doesn’t work on those ones.

I have another handy tip for you this month! This tip is “How to get the address of a property when it is not listed” and you’ll need this when those dastardly real estate agents don’t disclose all the information to you in the advertisement, because they want you to call them – so they can get all your personal details first and hook you into their database. It must be the second most annoying thing when doing research and due diligence on properties – when agents don’t disclose the actual address of the property! You know what I’m talking about – “Address Withheld” or “Address available on request”. Bluurgghh! Vomit!


Well, you’re all lucky that I have a nerdy background in IT. You may have heard the phrase “Google is your friend” – and it’s definitely true in this case. Google has a feature that not too many people use – or are even aware of. Did you know that much like its highly effective “text” search engine – they also have an “image” search engine? It’s hidden away at the top-right of the screen.


Go on, click it now. You’ll then be taken to the Google Images search screen – where you can search for an “image”.


Clicking on the little “camera” icon will present you with an option to search for an image by a given URL; OR you can upload an image to search on if you’ve already downloaded one previously.


For the purpose of this exercise, we’ll search by URL (Paste image URL).

First, though we need to get the URL of the image we want to search for. Going back to the original advert above, all you need to do is RIGHT-CLICK on the main photo of the house and select “Copy Image Location”. (Note: I am using the FireFox browser here. If you’re using Chrome choose “Copy Image URL”. If you’re using Internet Explorer – just don’t!)


When you select “Copy Image Location” – nothing will appear to happen. Don’t worry – it’s not black magic or hocus pocus. All that’s happened is that you’ve copied the actual URL of that image into your clipboard – ready for pasting!

Now, we flip back to Google Image search, and PASTE the URL of the image into the search box.


The image URL from will often be really really really long – full of “gobbledygook” as my 7 year old daughter would say.

Now, all you need to do is hit the “Search by image” button – and let the power of Google do its thing. Now this bit IS magic and full of hocus pocus! Google will come back with some websites that use that same image – it is a bit hit’n’miss at times.


What you need to do here, is the click through those websites, and hope that one of them have the actual address of this property listed.

In my case, clicking in the top URL goes to Homely, with the FULL ADDRESS SHOWN!!


And that my friends, is how you can find out the address of a property when it has not been disclosed by those pesky agents!

If you have any other great tips, please share them!

Onwards and upwards!

Author: Steven Tein, Co-Invest Australia



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